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Postcards from Bellingrath, Spring 1939

By Tom McGehee Museum Director of the Bellingrath Home Picture postcards are a 20th-century creation. In 1898, the U.S. Congress passed the Private Mailing Card Act, which allowed private firms, rather than just the Postal Service, to print postcards. Soon…

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Native azaleas on the Gulf Coast

By Dr. Bill Barrick Executive Director Emeritus Bellingrath Gardens and Home is known for its massive plantings of evergreen Southern Indica azaleas, but Gulf Coast gardeners also enjoy the blooms of native deciduous azaleas. Within the U.S., there are at…

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The birds and the bees: Protecting pollinators in the garden

By Sally Pearsall Ericson Director of Marketing and Public Relations Jack LeCroy, an Urban Regional Extension Agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, gave a presentation about pollinators as part of the 2019 Wonderful Wednesdays series at Bellingrath Gardens and…

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