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Cleaning up after two hurricanes

Bellingrath Gardens and Home was closed on October 29 because of Hurricane Zeta. The property had minimal damage, but did not have full electricity on the day after the storm, and the staff spent the day clearing debris from the Gardens. The Gardens and Home reopened on October 30.

Bellingrath Gardens and Home was also closed from September 15 to September 20 because of Hurricane Sally, which made landfall on the Gulf Coast on September 16, 2020. The Gardens sustained minimal damage, with only a few trees destroyed. The Bellingrath Home was undamaged.

The staff spent several days clearing the Gardens of debris before reopening the Gardens on Monday, September 21. Portions of the Gardens remained temporarily closed for several weeks, including the waterfront, the Bayou Boardwalk and part of the Asian-American Garden.

Guests are asked to bear with us as we continue our cleanup from these storms. Although a great deal of work has been done, more work lies ahead. We have resumed the normal planting schedule and are undertaking additional repairs and maintenance to restore the Gardens to full glory.