Mr. Bellingrath’s 1916 Mother’s Day Tribute

Mr. Bellingrath’s 1916 Mother’s Day tribute

By Tom McGehee, Museum Director of the Bellingrath Home Almost exactly 100 years ago, Walter Bellingrath commemorated Mother’s Day with a heartfelt tribute to his mother, Catherine McMillan Bellingrath. In a six-page letter dated May 13, 1916, Mobile’s first Coca-Cola bottler…

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Bellingrath’s Magical Bamboo Groves

Bellingrath’s magical bamboo groves

  By Dr. Bill Barrick, Executive Director Year after year, the plantings of Timber Bamboo in the Gardens continue to generate questions, particularly this time of year when the new shoots appear. Visitors are enthralled by the exotic look of…

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Spring Transitions In The Gardens

Spring Transitions in the Gardens

By Dr. Bill Barrick, Executive Director One of the greatest challenges in managing a public display garden is providing color 365 days a year.  Transitions between the four major seasons often require horticulturists to be creative with plants to bridge…

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