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Azalea Alert

Welcome to the 2023 Azalea Alert! Due to a few irregular weather events this year, azaleas seem to be blooming in waves at Bellingrath. We have some azaleas that are currently blooming and will continue to for the next few weeks!

Stop in to see these beautiful blooms and other spring flowering plants. Check out our Currently Blooming page to get an idea of what you’ll see month by month.

2022 Azalea Bloom Out

During the Azalea Bloom Out each March, our guests enjoy the blooms of more than 250,000 vibrant azaleas in an explosion of color throughout the 65 acres of Bellingrath Gardens. Click the link below to read more about the varieties of azaleas at Bellingrath Gardens and Home.

Azaleas: The Flaming Drama of the South