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Children’s Workshops

Children's WorkshopsBellingrath Gardens and Home offers educational, self-guided workshops that K-5 student groups can use to lead themselves through the Gardens in a self-guided tour. The Gardens facility has excellent resources for exploring plant sciences, ecosystems, wetlands and conservation. We have designed our curriculum to help meet state and local standards for teaching students as they are actively engaged in learning experiences in the Gardens. While we have designed the worksheets and field trip guidelines, we do not offer guides or teachers to facilitate the workshops.

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Self-Guided Workshops

Group leaders will have all the materials needed to investigate topics related to the Gardens and surrounding areas. Each workshop guideline integrates other content areas with science so you can give your students a better understanding of the relationship between botanical sciences, the environment and daily lives. Review the available workshops, select your favorites, then be sure to download and print the related workshop guides and bring them with you for your visit. Please call 251-459-8986 for more information.

Bees, Birds & ButterfliesAvailable in spring and summer months, this workshop lets your students practice observing and recording what they see. Additional materials are available for research in the workshop container located in the Entrance Building.Download Guides
Map Skills in the GardensAvailable year round, this workshop lets students practice math, geography, critical thinking and observation skills while they use a basic compass and map to navigate the Gardens.Download Guides
Using Your Math Skills in the GardensAvailable year round. Students will solve math problems using material found in the workshop container located in the Entrance Building.Download Guides
Take a Senses Walk Through the GardensThis workshop, available any time of the year, places an emphasis on a student’s awareness of his or her surroundings. They’ll learn about living things as they occur in their surroundings.Download Guides
Talking About PlantsThis year-round workshop allows students to identify, record and discuss the plants they observe as they walk through the Gardens. It's an excellent way to understand native horticulture.Download Guides
Scavenger Hunt in the GardensWhile finding treasures in specific places in the Gardens, young explorers learn how plants and animals live together and help each other. Observation and recording booklets are available in the workshop container for this year-round workshop.Download Guides
Scavenger Hunt on the BoardwalkAvailable year-round, this workshop for young explorers will have them observing and recording plant and animal life in the bayou. They’ll discuss and compare their observations and learn facts about the area.Download Guides

Scavenger Hunts

There are three types of Scavenger Hunts designed for different age groups in the Entrance Building. These hunts are designed to give your students some basic information about the flowers and plants they’ll see throughout the Gardens.