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Landscape horticulturist Carson Minyard describes his techniques for shaping the hollies in the Secret Garden.

Executive Director Dr. Todd Lasseigne demonstrates “hat racking” on the overgrown hollies on the South Terrace next to the Bellingrath Home.

Don’t miss a bloomin’ thing this spring!

Ann Moody demonstrates how to make a pretty fall arrangement using her favorite wildflowers.

Our favorite ginger varieties.

Gardens Virtual Tour: New summer plantings.

Hear the voice of Walter Bellingrath in this 1953 recording.

Gardens Virtual Tour: A stroll along the Exit Path.

Gardens Virtual Tour: The fountains of Live Oak Plaza.

Gardens Virtual Tour: A visit to the Overlook.

Gardens Virtual Tour: A moment of zen as we visit the Asian-American Garden.

Gardens Virtual Tour: A visit to the Conservatory in the Bellingrath Rose Garden.