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Luscious reds, lively greens: Tropicals in the landscape

By Dr. Bill Barrick, Executive Director In many of the past blogs and newsletters, I have written about using tropical plants in our summer displays.  Traditionally, we have always used a wide array of tropical hibiscus, copper and allamandas to…

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Summer beauties: The dazzling tuberous begonia and friends

By Dr. Bill Barrick, Executive Director Begonias are one of the most interesting group of ornamental plants, with more than 1,000 species distributed throughout tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. In 1978, Hortus Third, the published “Bible” for horticulture,…

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Mr. Bellingrath’s 1916 Mother’s Day tribute

By Tom McGehee, Museum Director of the Bellingrath Home Almost exactly 100 years ago, Walter Bellingrath commemorated Mother’s Day with a heartfelt tribute to his mother, Catherine McMillan Bellingrath. In a six-page letter dated May 13, 1916, Mobile’s first Coca-Cola bottler…

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